about-joe and kayFamily Operated

Joe Paul began developing his pepper sauce in 2008, and has been in the selling market since 2011. He and his wife, Kay, proudly sell their hot sauce in many locations in more that 60 states. You can find him at local markets and festivals with his trademark trailer, which is filled with his smack-you-in-the-taste-bud sauce. His famous sweet burning pepper sauce has proving to be extremely popular, prompting Joe to purchase his trademark yellow bracelets with the saucy warning: Caution... May Be Addictive!™  Papi Joe prides himself on being family owned and operated--no other way would do for this fire-startin' family man.

home-grownhome grown

Papi Joe not only bottles his products by hand, but he also grows some of his own ingredients in order to ensure the best quality hot sauce you can buy. His home-grown organic Tabasco peppers are picked by hand and taken straight into his kitchen to become some of the best hot sauce you'll ever taste. From the dehydrating to the cutting and the final inspection, Joe Paul plays a role in each part of the process. His dedication to the quality of his products truly make all the difference. You can't get this kind of sweet burn from store bought sauces!

spice it upspice it up

Papi Joe's hot sauce has won the Jungle Jim's Weekend of Fire "Best Hot Sauce" for two years running. Don't believe us? Try some out for yourself today!





IMG_1992Papi's Place

Our country kitchen is located in an amazing 100 year old building in the historic sections of Rossville, Tennessee. At 505 Main street you can find my fully equipped commercial kitchen inside this building which was originally a general store. I am excited to open the doors to this amazing old building and go to work. I bring new life to it and it brings new life to me as I cook my sauces! If you are in the area and someone's inside...Come on in...my doors are always open and...Get Sauced!